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Wine Tourism

Wine Tourism

Koulocheris Stavros
Wine Factory
Evinos Estate

‘Evinos’ Estate

The origin of ‘Evinos’ Estate that belongs to  Stavros Th. Koulocheris family, goes back to the Mesogeia Attica Land where wine was cropped since the mythical times.
Since 1888 we have been producing the famous Savatiano wine and Retsina.
In 2006 the family created a modern wine factory in Spata which has recently received not only national but also international awards.

The Vineyards

At the 70 hectars of the estate that are cultivated according to organic ways and are located in Spata, at the following areas: Venia, Pig.Pagonas, Kolikrepi, Spella and Boskiza, the varieties of Savatiano and Agiorgitiko wine are cropped. In the area of Abelohori in Thebes next to the ancient temple of Kivira we cultivate french varieties like Gab Frank, Merlot and Grenage, while in the area of Metohi in Keratea, Savatiano and Agiorgitiko wine.
The vineyards are linear with 330 plants in each hectar which give 350- 500 kgr each.

The wine making    

The wine making process starts with the handpicking of grapebunches that are selected and  transferred to the wine factory in boxes. For the white varieties follows pressing, cold static sediment, fermantation and ageing in inox tanks until they are bottled. For the red varieties after desteming, follows fermentation with delestage method, then pressing and defermentation. Ageing in oak barrels begins until they are bottled.

Wine Tourism

Our wine factory offers its place for organised visits, tours and wine tasting, as well as social and cultural events. We also run a small studio residence at the beach of Vravrona where the visitors can enjoy their holidays all year round, tasting wines of ‘Evinos’ Estate.

Our Wines

Local wine of Spata
Retsina of Spata
Sweet White Attikos
Sweet Red Attikos
Local Red of Thebes
20th  km Spata – Loutsa Avenue
T: 210 6634704
Τ + F: 210 6632542
Μ : 6974306200
Address: Pl.Xenophonta, Spata 19004
Nanigation with GPS : 37.960021 / 23.942006

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